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THE Island World captures your heart (video)
THE Island World ~~ because the world is your home, but the Caribbean is your heart
is the corporate umbrella for THE Caribbean Folklore Project™, THE Skinny Carib® 
and THE Carib Kindling Publishing.  

  • THE Caribbean FolkloreProject™ is a community for celebrating and rediscovering Caribbean Culture.  The site is working on its proprietary portal, customized to your specific Caribbean wishlist for cultural education, community and travel.

  • THE SkinnCarib® is devoted to Healthy Living, Island Style.  The brand promotes healthier updates to traditional recipes, including features that address specific health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, auto-immune illnesses, food allergies and vegan/vegetarian diets.   Products and services that also address skin, hair and mental well-being are also a staple on this site.

  • THE Carib Kindling Publishing is our singularly audacious publishing imprint that has a distinct focus on humor, irony, satire, linguistic playfulness, Caribbean patois & creoles.  Its mission is to publish the Caribbean voices & perspectives that celebrate our uniqueness through this brand of lyricism.   If you know of an author who has such a voice, a following and is interested in being a part of our e-book bookshelf, e-mail us at

Facebook: THE Island World

True Home Enterprises, LLC 
is the "THE" in all of our brands.

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